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Fresh Thanksgiving ideas

not preserved by freezing, canning, pickling, salting, drying, etc.: fresh vegetables

About this time last year, I never felt more like an adult  than when my roommates and I decided to host our own Thanksgiving dinner. Although I always travel home to be with family for the actual day, having a dinner with friends the week before is the perfect opportunity to get creative with decorations, try out new recipes (or even better, an old family recipe), and give thanks for all those people that have made the transition to the real world that much easier. I’m big on tradition when it comes to the holidays, but there are some fresh Thanksgiving ideas that I’m excited to try out this year! From a festive pre-dinner cocktail to edible place cards, to a simple, fun way of donating meals to families who could use a little extra help this year, use these ideas to infuse your traditions with a little something fresh.

Cranberry-champagne sparkler

A light, refreshing cocktail for your guests to sip on while mingling. The girls will love the elegant touch and the guys will sip on anything if it tastes good and there’s football on in the background.

Fresh fruit that is functional as a place card and edible later with a drizzle of honey? Genius!

Kraft Foods Huddle to Fight Hunger

Kraft Foods is making it so easy to donate Thanksgiving meals to families who need them this year. Just click the link below! You can donate a meal  just by tweeting about the effort, liking their Facebook page, or watching one of their videos on Youtube. Click here to start!

keeping it fresh


There are 20+ definitions listed on for the word fresh. This blog will try to capture as many as we can. (Except for possibly definition 16: “(of a cow) having recently given birth to a calf”…although you never know.)  Fresh style, fresh music, fresh ideas, fresh food.  People who are fresh. But what is fresh? Fresh is original. Fresh is pure and cool. Fresh is edgy. From John Legend and the Roots to John Wall’s NBA debut, from organic nail polish to a wind farm off Massachusetts, we’re out there looking for what’s fresh. Fresh is that je ne sais quoi. You know it when you see it, but it’s hard to define. Which is probably why there are 20+ definitions. But we’re sure going to try.