fresh face of country

recently arrived; just come: fresh from school

I have to be honest. Neither country music nor Gwyneth Paltrow come immediately to mind when I think of the word fresh. But put these two together and you have one of the most surprising–and beautiful– musical combinations of the year. Watching Paltrow rock a country guitar in stilettos, bat her smokey eyes while inflecting just the right amount of twang into her “stroooooong” is definition fresh.


2 responses to “fresh face of country

  • whathappensafter5

    I have to say I was impressed by her performance! She seemed nervous but she looked great!!

  • kate

    I think she did great. Her old song, Cruisin’, was one of my favorites for a long time. I really love her voice—no frills, she stays within her range, and it’s downright lovely.

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