fresh new Origins moisturizer

pure, cool, or refreshing, as air.

There’s a new kid on the Origins skincare block and I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say that it actually makes me get out of bed a little faster in the mornings. (Origins is my favorite skincare line for several reasons. Not only are the products effective, refreshing, and reasonably-priced, but the company is extremely earth-friendly. The ingredients behind the glow are natural rather than chemical and you can bring in any used product container from ANY company and they will recycle it for you!) At my last free mini-facial (call and book one, it’s a perfect girls-day-out activity), I tried the VitaZing moisturizer. I’m usually very picky about moisturizer as they can be heavy on my skin and make it feel greasy, but this moisturizer is light and refreshing. Plus, the caffeine in it is like a cup of coffee for your skin. It’s perfect for those why-did-I-go-out-on -a-Thursday-night Friday mornings when all you want to do is put your head down on your keyboard and nap.


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